About Bethany

The site is for the social media and marketing manager of tomorrow's brands. You have a message, and now, you just need the cheeky verbiage to convey it. You want your corporate blog to provide customers a shoulder-squeeze and good intel. And maybe the occasional mic drop. 

I can help with that. 

But hey, this site is also for my faves: the work-at-home parent, the busy (or unfortunately not-so-busy) freelance writer, and the bored luker. Welcome to my site. Here, you'll be informed, entertained, and hopefully, inspired. 

I'm a content marketing writer with a knack for spotting the story no one else sees. For years, I hid behind my camera lens, framing images to tell the stories. I'm currently crafting zingers for brands like ADP, Tom's of Maine, MasterCard, and Build-a-Bear Workshop. Send me a note for a quick custom quote to jumpstart your content marketing strategy. 

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The Story 

Not long ago, I was a professional snowboarder near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The pinnacle of my snowboarding career was the day I achieved both frost bite and a bronze medal at the USAA National Championships. For those of you not familiar with the industry, that's just a few bank turns from the Olympics and X-Games. 

I recovered from frost bite, but never could shake that sporty, competitive spirit. Project deadlines replaced finish lines, and I kept racing. If you know me personally, comment below. Where did we meet? Did you know about my drive to race? To compete? To wordsmith? 

After years of working with my favorite editors at Skyword, Inc., a trusted mentor there recommended I build my own site. Start my own thing. Do the stuff, win the points. Show friends a peek behind the curtain. Share my own stories instead of my clients'. So here they are. The stories behind the stories, the outtakes, the sometimes-tantrumy exploitation, how-to's, and the funnies. Plus, the occasional tip for other freelance writers and photogs. 

My commitment to you: I'll never share anything for the sake of engagement. The day I wake up to say to myself, "Bethany, you've got to come up with something to share today, people are listening!"...will be the day I do something else with my time. I promise. If I have nothing to share, I will not add to the cacophony. 

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