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Why Mommy Blogs are Here to Stay (And Why I'll Never Have One)

Why Mommy Blogs are Here to Stay (And Why I'll Never Have One)

why mommy blogs are here to stay and why I'll never have one

I remember the first time, as a consumer, I stumbled on the world of Mommy Blogs. In one instant, the whole internet changed.  No longer was it a cold business tool used mainly for household or office administration.  With just a few clicks, I was done.  Hooked.  


Because here was a group of women in my demographic that could self-express for the world… without worry.  Or, at least, that’s what it seemed they were doing.  We all know now that there’s more to the story.  I was part inspired, part envious. I wanted to tell the world what my baby did that day - and get paid for it.  Sheesh!  What a life.  


Here’s another way to look at it.  

Everyone knows the familiar plight of the mom who hasn’t had “adult interaction” in days. Baby Boomers and a few Gen-Xers recall aloud how hard it was to be alone at home all day with just the littles - and perhaps a phone call or two.  Venturing out with multiple babies is cool, but it’s hard, and after a while, moms just want to stay within reach of the wipes, the wipes, and also, the wipes.  

Supposedly, we stay-at-home parents are starved for grownup-speak, and cling to other adults when we see them.  

Now you can see why the mom blog thing is here to stay. It solves the most timeless mommy problem: isolation.

From generation to generation, some things will never change, but one thing certainly has: the rise of the peer-to-peer blogs we get to enjoy as we blow through illimitable packs of wipes at home.  Reading a mommy blog is often like having a friend in your living room with you, since the language is colloquial, the content uber relevant, and the output nonstop.  Plus, you can sense the writer’s relief at the outlet, just like your friend.  We’re not starved for adult conversation anymore.  

Blogs have, in a way, filled that need.  

And as long as there are babies in the world, there will be both moms publishing their daily adventures, and moms who consume the (sometimes repulsive) stories.  And then, of course, there will be advertisers who want to hang out between the two parties.

As you know, there are tons of other peer-to-peer blogs out there, but the mommy blog is the most popular.  Furthermore, according to the smarties at Colorado State University, young moms like me are more likely to visit blogs than any other group of people.  That may not be shocking, but it will clue you in on why the trend is here to stay.

My first googly-eyed encounter with the blogosphere was about 5 years ago, when I was producing stock photos for a little cash. The goal was to turn a hobby into a gig that produced enough income to stay home with the babies.  My main subject was my dog (self-indulgent, I know, but have you seen the guy? He’s wow), and that landed me a writing gig with Purina’s Petcentric through Skyword, Inc.  


At the time, Skyword (sorry, boss) was considered a content mill.  That is, an exploiter of starving artists.  Today, Skyword is the agency, the team, the friends to whom I owe my success.  

Writing with original photos paid more than photography itself, so I began to write cute stories for them.  And they paid.  


It took dozens of posts to establish myself as a creative and someone they could assume would get stuff in on time, two factors that often don’t go together.


In time, I built a solid reputation, and kept writing.  And writing. And writing.

Why Mommy Blogs are Here to Stay (And Why I'll Never Have One)

And writing.

Why Mommy Blogs are Here to Stay (And Why I'll Never Have One)

Pay increased, and today, no affiliate link is worth my time.  Banner ads aren’t worth the effort.  And product reviews?  Not worth my words.  

For now, this is a blog free of all those tactics.  Those, by the way, are the methods most “mommy blogs” use to generate cash.  It’s not sleazy, but at the same time, it’s not something you’ll find here.

Respectfully, it doesn’t take any special skill to express yourself online. It’s a brilliant writer, however, who can express someone else’s values, message, and purpose.  And that’s what premium freelancing is.  It’s crafting smart verbiage to convey another person’s point of view.  

why mommy blogs are here to stay and why I'll never have one (3)

And that’s why a brand will pay a creative like me to vocalize.  

So sure, mommy blogs are here to stay, and I’ll be their first visitor in the morning and last at night. Because I love them.  But as you can see, I will take a different approach toward writing.  One that pays both the bills and principled returns.

What is your take on the Mommy blogger route vs. freelance writer route?  Do you have experience with either? Which do you prefer as a reader? How about as a writer? Comment below, and remember, be nice!

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