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When Brands Collide... I Win

When Brands Collide... I Win

I have a sick craving for true stories. I'm insatiable, and I know I'm not alone. Just look at the popularity of celebrity gossip. Instead of consuming trash, though, I enjoy watching brands rise and fall.  Sometimes, they collide. Today, Burger King and Google ran into one another, and I watched the carnage like it was the modern day Roman Colosseum.  It was beautiful. And as I write, the story is still unfolding.  

It starts with a great, somewhat zany idea. It always does.  But no one expects the thing to keep gaining momentum.  Incredulously, the brand allows the creative move to advance, and suddenly, you have a :15 second TV spot of a Burger King worker deliberately leaning into the camera and using "the magic words" to activate every Google connected smart home and droid possible.  

Click here to see the ad for yourself.  Although, you may want to disable your "OK Google" feature on your droid, first.

I love the drama. I love the arguments. I love the creativity, the gall, and the stupidity.  I love the backlash and the applause.  I love seeing new details emerge as consumers realize the story started weeks ago when the Marketing Director of BK edited the Whopper's Wikipedia page.  I especially love the analysis.  

My favorite part was seeing that this story broke first (and most loudly) on Google News, my go-to source. Oddly, I trust the news source a little more after I see it publishing a story that it's obviously embarrassed about.  And it's not a small setback, either.  BK knew it could get a rise out of Google - otherwise the actor would have addressed Apple's Siri.  Yes, this one's a whopper.

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