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Beyond Tween Clothing: 8 Creative Gifts to Inspire

Whether you live with, mentor, parent, or have befriended a tween, you know the relationship is a mixed bag. To call the age group "interesting" is an understatement. Not quite children, not yet teenagers - tweens are arguably the hardest people to shop for.

Producing 101: Make a Puppet Show to Remember 

Everyone enjoys a good show! All kids need to create one is a little inspiration and some household items. These ideas will get you child directing his very own puppet production in no time. 

3 Mess-Less After-School Activities to Try Today

Published April 3rd, 2015

Oui, Oui! 4 Bilingual Games to Inspire Your Child's Inner Interpreter

Does you child dream of traveling the world and experiencing other cultures? Incorporate foreign languages into your child's playtime with these bilingual games. 

Can Cats and Dogs Really Sense Natural Disasters Before They Happen?

4 Last Day of School Traditions to Capture the Excitement 

Your kids are all abuzz with the thought of summer vacation and the freedom of school's end. Celebrate together by capturing the thrills and nostalgia with these cute, meaningful last day of school traditions.

Sparking Kids' Invention Ideas: Steps to Unlocking the Innovator Within

There's nothing like seeing your child's face light up as she realizes she just invented something on her own. Give her the tools, encouragement, and space she needs to spark that creativity time and time again. Here's how. 

Financial Pregnancy Planning: How To Prepare

Published March 21st, 2016

6 Ideas for a Brilliant Pet Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday parties, kids are idea generating machines. Put that constant creativity to good use by lavishing the family pet with a party to remember. These creative ideas will get you started. 

4 Water Games for Kids for a Wacky Summer Adventure

Get some relief from the heat (and boredom!) this summer by soaking the backyard with wet and wacky fun. These customized takes on old classic water games for kids will have your whole family making waves. 

Five Screenless Car Activities for Kids

Kids and Money: How to Teach Children the Value of Cash

Published September 9th, 2015

5 Friendship Crafts to Inspire Your Kid and Her BFF

Your child has tons of friends, but there's always one who's extra special. Capture the unique bond between your kid and her best bud with one of these inspiring friendship crafts. 

DIY Potty Chart: Potty Training Motivation for Your Child

4 Lessons for Kids and Pets from a Very Special Rescue Cat

3 Easy Magic Tricks for Kids to Inspire Little Magicians 

There's no feeling quite like that of making your friends believe you know magic. Here are easy magic tricks for kids who love to dazzle friends and family members. 

Growing Up With Money: A Timeline for Mastering Financial Tasks

Published October 18th, 2015

6 Moldable Dough Crafts to Sculpt, Pound, and Shape Playtime (Plus: A 1-Minute DIY Dough Recipe!) 

Moldable dough earned its status as a classic activity long ago. Now put your own spin on it with a quick homemade recipe and dough crafts to shape a wildly awesome playtime. 

7 Natural Ways to Combat Chapped Skin on Little Faces 

How to Stick To a Budget as a Couple: 21 Must-Have Tips

Published December 22nd, 2015

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Maker 

Nothing says warm weather quite like homemade ice cream. Here are four recipe ideas for this DIY sweet treat that you and your child can make together -- no special equipment required. 

Do Rescued Pets Rescue Us?

People who adopt a pet from a shelter have rescued an animal and given her a better like. But do rescue pets actually rescue us as well?

7 Ways to Make Cooking With Kids a Sweet Experience 

Your kiddos want to help in the kitchen, and you want to keep them safe. Here are fun kitchen activities your child can do to help you both have a great time while cooking! 

Don't Be Rash! Battling Baby Heat Rash Naturally 

Exciting Chain Reaction Game Ideas for Your Budding Physicist 

Is your child a young Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton? Find out by supplying her with a few household items and a little inspiration. 

Making a Budget Together: How Couples Do it Successfully 

Published November 13th, 2015

Dog-Friendly Vacations: How to Find a Budget Fun on the Run

The Best Activity For Teaching Map Skills: Create One Yourself! 

The best ideas for teaching map skills include studying the places your child knows best. Ditch the memorization and make a map together of your own hometown! 

How Credit Counseling Can Prepare You Financially For Having a New Baby

Published August 13th, 2015

Inspire Your Kid's Inner Performer: 6 Creative Ideas 

Is your child a performer at heart? Build her confidence with these inspiring (and simple!) ideas. 

3 Mythical Creature Games to Inspire Your Child's Inner Enchanter

If you've ever wondered just how wild your child's imagination can be, look no further than fantastic, mythological characters. Here are three creative activities to inspire the mysterious, legendary creature within. 

Saving Money at an Early Age: How Kids Can Make (Piggy) Bank

Volunteer Work for 13-Year-olds: 3 Ways to Get Involved



Tips for Hiking With Kids to Get The Most of Your Adventure

There's nothing like a good hike through the woods to connect you and your child. Here are six great ways to bond while you navigate the wild together,

When Kids and Movies Collide: 6 Ways to Make Moviegoing Extra Special 

What's more fun than going to the movies? Preparing for your outing, of course! Here are six ways to build anticipation for a memorable moviegoing experience

 Personalized Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child

Of course, you constantly tell your child you lover her. Express those warm fuzzies in creative ways only your child will understand, and let her reciprocate with these unique personalized messages.

Chaperoning Do's and Don'ts for a memorable Field Trip

Make History for Kids the Best Part of your Family Trip

Visits to historical sits are the perfect time to connect with your child. Here are creative ways to make the most of a trip to landmarks with your young historian. 

3 No-Bake Recipes for Kids to Unleash Their Inner Chef

What better way to encourage your child's inner chef than to let her create a few dishes all by herself? Encourage and inspire your young cook with these no-bake desserts for kids.