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The Mental Benefits of Exercise - and 3 Desk Workouts You Can Try Now

Creative work can feel draining. Ask anyone who's pushed to think outside the box (especially for a living!), and you'll see you're in good company. It takes a special kind of energy to sustain top-notch, imaginative output. 

What's a Competitive Pricing Strategy?

So, you're ready to start a freelance business. You've done the research, determined you're a niche expert and have everything you need to get started. Everything, that is, except a competitive pricing strategy. Deciding what to charge isn't as simple as the other steps you've taken so far. After all, many of your previous actions were straightforward, even "administrative." Determining your worth as a freelancer is more complicated. 

The Benefit of Taking Risks in Your Freelance Biz

If you've spent the last few weeks consuming how-to-grow-your-business books, e-courses, tutorials and videos - great, more power to you. Learning is good. But, it might be time to stop. Just...stop.

Don't Let the Pitfalls of Freelancing Freak You Out

Let's be honest: The thought of freelancing full time can be downright terrifying. After all, striking out on your own is, by nature, a risk. To make the gamble worth it, creatives often weigh the risks against the benefits and, seeing the benefits far outweigh the potential pitfalls, make the leap. Most, however, freeze. The dream ends at the mere thought of all the things that could (and sometimes do) go wrong. 

Can You Be a Full-Time Freelancer? Here's How to Know for Sure

For years, you've dreamed about it: being your own boss, owning your own business and doing your own thing. But how can you know when it's time to make the leap to full-time freelancer? After all, what's to say you won't end up back in the cubicle within a few months? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to know how you'll fare. The six questions outlined here can guide you along the way. 

How to Meet Deadlines - Even It the World's Ending

One morning, I woke up to find my world on fire. As a successful freelancer, I carefully arrange everything in a way uniquely conducive to my work, so I found it especially funny (by this, I mean not funny at all) to see it collapsing around me. The dog was loose, the kids were sick, the roof sprung a leak, a crying friend was begging to talk and the internet was down. Oh, and there was nothing in the fridge. 

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