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5 Pressure Points on the Body to Calm Achy Kids 

If my kids have taught me anything at all, it's the value of physical touch. I'm not naturally a touchy-feely kind of person, but I've learned to adapt, and it's been the most rewarding experience. If you've been around kids for any amount of time, you likely know kids don't have much regard for the personal bubble thing. 

7 Herbal Bath Ideas to Remedy Common Winter Ailments

I remember the precise moment when I realized bath time was not a chore but an opportunity to connect with my kids and nurture their well-being. It was autumn, and we had been battling a number of common skin conditions: poison sumac, unexplained patches of eczema, and dry, flaky skin. Then I started reading (and experimenting) about natural ways to deal with these ailments. 

Motivation for Early Morning Workout Routines to Keep you Consistent All Year

As the seasons change, mornings are getting colder and staying darker. When your alarm goes off and it still looks (and feels) like nighttime, it's tempting to hit that snooze button instead of getting up and exercising. What can you do to stick to your workout regimen that seemed so easy in the summer mornings? Here are some useful tips to keep your early morning workout routine intact. 

5 Ways You Can Protect Your Vision As You Age 

The Best Indoor Plants, Their Benefits, and How to Green It Yourself 

5 Cute Sun Safety Tips and Rituals for Kids 

Kids are more likely to care for their skin if the responsibility is fun. These creative new rituals make skin safety an exciting tradition that kids can anticipate, instead of a chore to remember. 

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Five Natural Morning Sickness Remedies That Beat Nausea the Healthy Way

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